High Performance Tennis and Online Education Program

We are proud to be part of the new High Performance Tennis and Online Education Program at the PGA National Resort and Spa. JKTA will partner with the Weiss School with education director, Doctor Liz Knowles. It will include 4 hours per day blended online classroom at PGA Resort, lunch and 5 hours of high performance tennis training.

The online classes will start at 8am and end at noon. Each kid will learn at their own pace. There will be a tutor to help guide the students. Doctor Knowles will be present every week to evaluate the program. Lunch will be provided from noon to 1pm. After lunch from 1pm to 6pm is the high performance tennis program. Tennis program will be a combination of drills, match play and fitness.

Weiss School Educational Program – Highlights

  • Emphasis on global competencies
  • 21st century skills as the backbone of a challenging curriculum
  • Global dimension to all disciplines/content areas
  • Upgraded literacy instruction for digital learners
  • Students connect with world cultures through language study
  • Languages offered selected by global importance
  • Focus on global communication – technology to interact with students in other countries
  • Infusion of a K-8 STEAM program
  • Project-based learning that supports inventing and entrepreneurship
  • Six week whole school immersion in a language including geography and culture
  • Contact with sister-schools for blogging, emails, sharing, etc.
  • Implementing ways to make a difference globally
  • Looping – K-2, 3-5
  • Differentiated instruction – flexible grouping
  • Workstations – including tinker labs and makerspaces
  • One-to-one technology with infrastructure support

The initial blended online school combined with high performance training will be limited on the first year to a small group students. The PROMOTIONAL cost per student is $3500/month (doesn’t apply to full-boarding students).

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