adam zaorski

We are proud to say that we are sending yet another player off to chase his dreams as a Division 1 tennis player on a NCAA scholarship. Adam - you have been an amazing part of our team, you are a great player and a wonderful friend to our academy and our family. We are proud of you and wish you all the best for the future! Enjoy college tennis as it is a wonderful experience! Go and chase your dreams and know that the [...]

The draws are out for the 10K ITF Pensacola Florida Futures men's qualifying tournament. Adam Zaorski will be facing Julien Belair (CAN) in the first round. Keith-Patrick Crowley who joined Adam last night for a dinner at Johan Kriek's house (see picture) will be competing in the main draw of the event. Jack Oswald also drove to the tournament with Adam and Keith, however he did not make the draw because of a late entry. He should be able to get into the Florida ITF [...]

ITF Pro Circuit 10K Birmingham, Alabama update: Adam Zaorski (POL) won his match 7/5 1/6 7/6 today and advanced to the third round of the men's qualifying draw. Great fight from Adam! "Adam played really smart," said Nino, our coach, while watching the final tiebreaker. "The fact that Adam came back after losing the second set 1/6 and won shows that he can fight and change the momentum around. I am very happy about that," said Johan Kriek after the match. Great job Adam! Jack [...]

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