Roanoke Times Features Johan Kriek Tennis Academy

Johan Coaches in RoanokeIn early January, Johan Kriek relocated his prestigious junior tennis academy to Roanoke Valley, Virginia and in less than three weeks, the Johan Kriek Tennis Academy is already getting front-page publicity in the local newspaper. On Monday, The Roanoke Times featured an article called “Roanoke Nets Tennis Star Johan Kriek” written by Aaron McFarling. The article highlights the no-nonsense approach that Kriek uses to teach children the skills they need to become successful in the tennis world.  In the article, Kriek shows his students that he expects diligence and quickness from them – even when they are collecting balls. The writer notes that in his classes, Kriek still shows the inexhaustible zeal that he used when playing McEnroe, Connors, Agassi and that he still has the same enthusiasm he had when he won back-to-back Australian Open tournaments 30 years ago.

The writer interviews Roanoke parents who have chosen to send their children to the academy and they are still “pinching themselves” over the fact that Kriek has officially moved to their area.  One of the moms says, “Normally, you would have to move to Florida to enter an academy like this…it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.” One of Kriek’s students was impressed with what he had learned in a short amount of time. “He taught me how to play a slice in one day!” The writer sums up the parents’ overall feeling on Kriek; “The parents adore him.”

Johan Kriek is so pleased that the students and parents are enjoying his services and he looks forward to working with more of Roanoke Valley’s children in the future. The Johan Kriek Tennis Academy is currently being held at the Sun Tennis Center with monthly rates. In the summer, Kriek will offer camps with weekly rates. Please call 941-914-6054  if you would like more information on tennis programs offered by the Johan Kriek Tennis Academy.

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